How to Speed up Internet Between Multiple Computers – How QoS Works

How to you speed up your internet connection speed if you have multiple computers in your network? You can’t increase your available bandwidth, but you can change the way that bandwidth is distributed. Using QOS (Quality of Service) on your router and computers, you can give a higher share of bandwidth to VOIP, Video, and Gaming; you give less bandwidth for surfing and downloads. When there is nothing that would use a high share of your bandwidth your low bandwidth devices automatically receive full bandwidth. This way you can stream HD video, talk over VOIP uninterrupted, and surf web all at the same time. Mathematics indicate that a QOS enabled connection can support 4 times more VOIP connections that one without QOS. QOS (Quality of Service) is built in to most modern routers and modems.

You may already use QOS if you do video conferencing, have an internet-connected burglar alarm, or an online gaming router. In some routers and modems you can tweak your QoS to allow different rates for different ports and IP addresses.

Keep in mind that paying for more bandwidth is always better than tweaking your QoS, but enabling QoS is a free solution. Using QoS won’t in any way speed up your internet or give you more bandwidth, but it will prioritize the bandwidth.


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