Importance of Anchor Text

If you’re anywhere between a casual blogger to a professional webmaster, you have heard about gaining backlinks¬† (Well, let’s hope you have)! However, gaining links to your site is deeper than pasting a URL in your forum signature. I’m bringing up anchor text, a term new to some of you. So what is anchor text? It’s the difference between having a URL like this: and this: TechGeeks Forum. The anchor text is the clickable part of your link. Anchor text is important for your website for two reasons.¬† Firstly, it tells people what the link contains. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, so search engines know what the link contains. Yes, backlinks without specific anchor text just the link) will still increase your pagerank. However, using appropriate pagerank can help you rank better for specific terms.

The second part of this article discusses how to use anchor text wisely. All too often I see people’s anchor text as “Click Here” or “here”. Unless you’re striving to rank high for the word here in a Google search, that link probably won’t help you as much as it could. This is also important in internal linking. For example, in a blog you could link back and fourth between posts with the article names, instead of next article and previous article. Another smart way to get links from blog commenting with anchor text is to enter in the name field your name and from which site you are. Eg: Dave@TechGeeks. This gives you a nice anchor text without looking spammy.


I am Techie, the webmaster and main author for the w3techie blog.

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  1. Guest says:

    Backlinking (in my opinion) is about 95% of your key to getting on the first page of Google. Anchor text allows Google to classify your site on the proper pages for certain keywords. You should always try to incorporate it at all times as Ive learned. Some blogs you might not be able to do what Ive done with my name so you can sneak in words. Like I could be NX Cash Man.

    This was a good read.

  2. Miguel says:

    That's funny how you say anchor text is important (which it is) and yet you don't let us have our names as our keywords or use keywordluv. Hypocrite Techie! Before we know it you'll go Gayfollow as well :(.

    Btw adobe pawns the keyword "Click here"

  3. David says:

    Never though about interlink like that. I use a lot of read for my links. I should maybe think about changing this. Very good tip thanks.

  4. Huck says:

    As you said, anchor text is really important and we should use it properly. I remember the time when I was not an seo and wanted to popularize my blog. But I was inexperienced and the anchor texts I used looked really spammy and I failed in that work though I did much hardwork sincerely. It is only after I became an seo that I learnt the importance of putting the right words in the anchors texts. So what I mean to say is that it is always necessary to have the right anchor text. Your guidelines are quite useful. I recommend them to all non-professionals who want to do some seo for their blogs/sites.

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