Realook Screen Protector Review

After looking around for a screen protector that could offer a better experience than Zagg’s (which has an orange peel effect and “increased grip’ that I don’t want on my touchscreen), I found that people were recommending screen protectors from a company called Realook. I had never heard of them before and I tried to do some research but I found that the company didn’t have an official website. I decided to take a risk and try the product based on the few forum reviews that I found.

Realook sends out two screen protectors in one package, and that single package costs less than one screen protector from Zagg. The protection film comes with one layer on top and one layer on bottom. There’s no wet install; it’s a simple peel and stick.

This had me worried about getting dust under the film or misaligning it, but with a careful install I managed to install it perfectly on my first try (and if you don’t, you have a second one to try again with). Realook takes care to help you with a perfect install by including two ‘tabs’ which you can use to lift the shield once it has been applied and remove dust, and an alcohol wipe to clean your fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints on the screen or on the film during install.

There’s no waiting time; your device will look perfect right after the install. Realook is the thinnest screen protector I’ve ever seen – it’s hardly visible, even at extreme angles. I’ve been asked what happened to my Zagg, and people don’t even notice that I have a new screen protector there. The film also has no display distortion. I had pointed out that my Zagg was creating small rainbows when I was looking at white screens, but Realook has no such problem. The feel of the film, the excellent picture quality, and the thinness of the product makes this a truly invisible screen protector.

I would highly recommend Realook to anyone. This is a screen protector with an insanely easy install process that is hardly noticeable on your device. It doesn’t attract fingerprints any more than the glass screen and it will protect your screen from scratches and keep your expensive device looking new (the actual protective film is difficult to scratch too). I still have Zagg’s film on the back of my device, but in my opinion Realook is clearly superior in every aspect for touchscreen protection.

Realook Screen Protector
Reviewed by w3techie.
Rating: 5


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  1. George says:

    I wonder why they don’t have a website or Facebook/Twitter page. Realook could post great testimonials like these to get the word out about their great value and quality!

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