Zagg Invisible Shield Install

Zagg Invisible Shield InstallThe Zagg Invisible Shield is amazing. It offers extraordinary protection for your iPhone or iPod Touch while letting you enjoy the size of your iPhone. However, if you want this protection, you have to be ready to spend some time installing the Invisible Shield.

The front piece is pretty easy to install. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes; you just get the shield moist and apply it, after which you push out any air bubbles and let it dry. The back is where most of the installation time is spent.

It will take at least 30 minutes to get the back side properly installed. It is extremely difficult to get the invisible shield to stick to the sides and the corners. You may find it useful to use rubber bands to keep it down until it dries. The palming technique is also nice for the corners. The most important thing to remember is to take your time to get it down correctly. Once it sticks down you need to wait 12 more hours for it to dry.

Full Install

I have now installed the Zagg Invisible Shield twice and I’ve learned some tips and tricks to share.

  • See if you can start peeling off the invisible shield parts with the removal of the outer cut-out. It could be difficult to remove using your fingernails.
  • Use the sponge to wet the shield as you remove it, and when it’s fully removed use some force to ‘clean’ the back side of the invisible shield with the sponge. You can remove fingerprints or dust with the sponge.
  • Do the front side first. The back side is what will take time and you want the front protected while you apply the back. Installing the Invisible Shield on the front is very easy and won’t take more than 5 minutes (remember to install the little piece on the home button). After it’s applied on the front, wait about 20 minutes so it isn’t moving while you install the back.
  • If you see a particle (you probably won’t see dust, but if anything does stick to the Invisible Shield) peel the whole thing off and re-clean with the sponge.
  • When doing the back, put the iPod Touch (or iPhone) face town on an empty drinking glass. This means all the sides and corners will be hanging over the glass and the device will only be held up in the middle. I came up with this on my own and it helps if you don’t want to get lint or dust on the Invisible Shield while you’re laying the sides down (because the sides may touch your working area ). This trick will eliminate any possibility of dust getting on your sides or corners.
  • Apply the middle first and lay down the sides and corners when they have dried up a bit.
  • DO NOT do the palming technique to try to get your corners to lay down! What I’m saying is, don’t do the palming technique too early; It can stretch out the shield. The perfect time to do the palming is when all four sides have already perfectly lied down and you just want to get the corners perfect.
  • For the corners, you may want to try using two fingers to pull apart both ‘edges’ of the corners.This will make it so there are no air bubbles or spaces at all in that specific corner. Hold it down for one or two minutes (this is the hard part that everyone misses) and when you let go you will have a perfect corner 😀 I’m not saying to pull out the edges of the corners until the Invisible Shield stretches, just do it lightly to remove any space in your corners.
  • Do not use rubber bands to try to get the sides or corners to lay down. Use rubber bands after the sides and the corners are staying down to make sure your corners stay perfect (You won’t need rubber bands to get the sides to stay down because the sides will stay down.)
  • After your Invisible Shield is installed, let it sit and dry for the full 24 hours. There are people on YouTube who tell you “It’s dry after 4 hours and you can use it then.” Just because the Invisible Shield doesn’t move around doesn’t mean it’s dry. The invisible shield will stay still an hour after install, but you have to wait for the moisture in the middle of the shield to dry. If you don’t the invisible shield won’t get pulled off or anything, but you will see a lot more orange peel.


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4 Responses

  1. Foster Blake says:

    What does ” (remember to install the little piece on the home button)” mean?

    • Techie says:

      There’s a little round cut-out to go over the home button so it doesn’t get scratched 🙂 They just really like 100% protection.

  2. Palomita says:


    I’d already installed the zagg protection on my ipad, but I saw a particle inside after 4 days I put it… can I remove the protection shield just at the place of the particle?? it is almost in the corner… and how i can do it??


    • Techie says:

      You shouldn’t if the shield is already down. The shield is held tightly to the screen and attempting to pull a part of it off will stretch the film.

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