Wrapsol Scratch Protection Review

Wrapsol is a company that creates an incredible scratch-proof film to protect your devices. The product not only protects your device from scratches, but it also has shock absorbing properties to protect your device from falls. It also has no orange peel effect after install; it’s almost too good to believe. We tested it out on a Blackberry Curve 8300 series.

Installing your Wrapsol is very easy. If you’re avoiding other professional screen protectors or full body protectors because of their messy install then Wrapsol is for you. It’s a traditional dry install, but if the film doesn’t align correctly you can take it off and try again. All you have to do is clean the fingerprints and dust from your device with the included cloth and place the film on there. (As a side note, the films are much easier to use than Zagg’s films. I don’t know how PhantomSkinz works because Chococrazy reviewed them, but with Zagg you have to try wetting the edges and using your nails to get it to start peeling off. Wrapsol has one entire backing for all the pieces and separating the adhesive side from the backing is quick and easy.) If you’re having trouble aligning the pieces try to place the film down on one end and slowly work to the other end of your device while keeping the sides on track. Then you can use the included squeegee to move all the air bubbles out. Unless you have some dust stuck under the film all your small air bubbles will disappear within 24 hours.

The Wrapsol film is thicker than the Zagg film but it’s still “invisible.” It’s true that Wrapsol has no orange peel effect, so your device looks great even when you see it from an angle. The film has shock absorption properties to protect your devices from falls. You can see this in a video demonstration

I have to admit that I would feel safer dropping my phone with Wrapsol protection than dropping my iPod with Zagg protection (it’s because of how the film feels, not because I saw that video). The only thing I would be concerned about is how well the film would go around the corners of a device and stick to them; my device doesn’t have any curves to be protected so I couldn’t test that.

If you’re buying a new device (a phone, mp3 player, camera, GPS, laptop, or whatever else) you need buy some protective film for it and install it right after you get your gadget. Don’t wait until it gets scratched or dented to start thinking about protecting it. You can protect your iPhone 4 for under $30 and your MacBook Air for under $50. You could buy a case and a cheap protective film, but that scratch protection can’t compete with Wrapsol’s scratch protection (video).

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  1. Guest says:

    Interestingly, the rear film is matte and the front film is glossy. By contrast, the company's Ultra Scratch Protection for iPhone 3G/3GS ($30, aka Wrapsol Ultra) promises not only scratch protection but also "ultra-drop" coverage that protects against falls from counters and pockets, plus an easier application process that releases air bubbles.

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